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Castings Made in Britain
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Durable Castings are able to manufacture and supply a wide range of castings in the following materials. This list is not comprehensive and if you require a material not listed please contact us.

- Manganese Steel Machinable Steel Grades such as 'A Grades'
- SG Iron (Ductile Iron)
- High Chrome Iron
- Wear resistant irons (Such as Ni-hard)
- Martensitic Steel
- Martensitic Ceramic
- Chrome Ceramic

We are able to cast items with weight from 1kg through to 450 kgs.

For requirements above this weight we would source through our sister foundry.

A brief introduction into our production process is detailed below:-

Pattern Making

We have our own in house pattern shop, with a dedicated and highly skilled team of pattern makers, who produce a range of wooden and plastic patterns.

We are able to produce a new pattern from either a worn casting or a supplied drawing.

pattern1 pattern2 pattern3

Sandmoulding and Casting Production

From the pattern manufactured above we produce a resin mixed sand mould into which is poured the desired molten metal.

Finishing and Inspection

Once the casting has cooled and solidified it will be fettled, which involves the removal of any excess metals, at which stage it will be inspected, to ensure conformity to your specification.

If applicable we would heat treat the materials using our inhouse treatment ovens, then following a final quality inspection the order will be dispatched.

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